Spa in Turčianske Teplice was among the first Slovak spas that underwent the audit of quality management system successfully and obtained the following certificates and prizes.


Europe Spa Med Certificate EUROPESPA certifies and acknowledges meeting of requirements of the European Spa Union (ESPA) for medical infrastructure, safety and hygiene.

The certificate applies to the following controlled fields:

Date of first certification: 25 January 2007

Certificate is valid until: 26 January 2019


HACCP - hazard analysis and critical control points is a system of food safety based on prevention

It is a systematic method of analysing food industry processes, identification of possible hazards and identification of critical control points to prevent dangerous foodstuffs from getting to consumers.

It includes:

ISO Certificate

ISO 9001:2008

Quality management system - ISO 9001 standard specifies the quality management system requirements in the company, which wishes and needs to prove its ability to constantly provide products in accordance with the respective regulations and in accordance with requirements of customers, and which wishes to increase the customer's satisfaction.

The aim is to implement and maintain the quality management system and to keep improving it.

Such certificates confirm the increasing quality of our services.