Important legal information

In order to improve health condition of employees influenced by certain adverse working conditions, employers are obliged by the law to arrange revitalising stays for their employees (pursuant to section 11 of Act No. 124/2006 Coll. on Occupational Health and Safety).

Revitalising stays are provided to a selected circle of employees to regenerate their strength and to prevent occurrence of occupational diseases or other damage to health in consequence of adverse working conditions and unsuitable working environment.

For the purpose of revitalising stays, the selected jobs are the jobs performed in unfavourable conditions defined by the law and, at the same time, that comply with the conditions of revitalising stays from the point of view of prevention of occupational damage to health.

Based on an employer's proposal prepared in cooperation with the occupational health service, the competent state administration body in the field of public health shall define the selected jobs in accordance with par. 1 in a mandatory statement, after consulting the employer and employee representatives, including employee representatives for safety.

Employees that perform the selected jobs continuously for at least five years, or employees performing the selected job in extraordinary unfavourable conditions in controlled areas for four years at least, shall be obligated to take the revitalising stays. A continuous performance of the selected jobs can include an interruption for up to eight weeks.

  1. An employee shall be obligated to take another revitalising stay every three years, if during such period the employee worked at least 600 shifts in the selected jobs or in controlled areas (e.g. risk of ionizing and radioactive radiation) and employee who works with declared chemical and biological carcinogens, if such employee worked at least 400 shifts in such environment.
  2. An employee shall be obligated to take another revitalising stay every two years, if such employee is mining minerals or digging tunnels and galleries in underground, as long as such employee worked 275 shifts in selected jobs during such period.