Skalka resort is situated above the historical town of Kremnica. Thanks to excellent snow conditions, the winter season starts on St. Nicholas Day and lasts until the Easter every year.

A 120-metre wide downhill track with a four-seat chairlift and artificial snow is available.

Special lighted in-line trail, in winter a cross-country skiing track. More than 50 kilometres of maintained cross-country skiing tracks attract both hobby and demanding skiers. “Biela stopa,” an international endurance cross-country skiing race, is held there every year.

Information: Skalka Arena Tel: +421 (0)911 286 071 +421 (0)911 307 290
e-mail: info@skalkaarena.sk

MARTINSKÉ HOLE – Malá Fatra mountains (25 km)

The ski resort situated in Lúčanská Malá Fatra.

The average height of snow approaches to 80 cm. A chairlift and 6 ski tows with the overall capacity of 4,920 people per hour are available for skiers, as well as 11 downhill tracks with total length of 12km and a snowboard park.

Skiers from the surrounding of Žilina can take a special ski bus every Saturday and Sunday. Skiers from Vrútky and Martin can take a special ski bus that starts in Vrútky and goes through the town centre of Martin.

Information: +421/041/5003429

JASENSKÁ DOLINA valley – in Veľká Fatra mountains (24 km)

Jasenská dolina valley belongs to the most popular valleys of Veľká Fatra. It is situated on the Turiec side of Veľká Fatra, under the northern slopes of Lysec hill, 12km to the southeast of Martin.

The resorts offer excellent ski conditions for more or less demanding skiers. Artificial snow and lighted ski tracks, 7 ski tows, one 4-seat chairlift, night skiing, ski school, ski equipment rental, cross-country skiing tracks and sledging slopes, snowboarding opportunities

Information: +421/43/4297717, 4297228 mobile: 0907 839 793
e-mail: jased@jasenskadolina.sk

SNOWLAND VALČIANSKA DOLINA valley – in Malá Fatra mountains (24 km)

The ski resort was opened in 2001. It is situated at the foothills of Lúčanská Malá Fatra mountains. It is 2.5 km far from the village of Valča and 14 km from the town of Martin.

Number of ski slopes: 2x tourist and 2x race downhill ski tracks, 300 m to 1,840m long. 900 metres are maintained with artificial snow.

12 km of cross-country skiing tracks are maintained.

Information: mobile: 0903 11 22 11

KRAHULE – Kremnické vrchy mountains (15 km)

Krahule - Grošova lúka down-hill skiing resort is situated in Kremnické vrchy mountains above the village of Krahule, 960 to 1,150 metres above the sea level.

Natural conditions provide excellent downhill skiing possibilities with enough snow throughout the whole winter season. “Stred Európy” (“Centre of Europe”) ski resort is situated in the village of Krahule.