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The Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice, the member of Medical Spa group, offer relaxation, regeneration and preventive treatment stays also to self-payers. Short, weekend, week and longer stay programmes are available that include various combinations of treatment procedures recommended by the physician.

In the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice you can rest, recharge energy, take relaxation and beautifying procedures, or focus on preventive health programmes. The spa started to offer new services of the first specialised cardiovascular diagnostics and cardio rehabilitation centre INCARE (Institute of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation). It is designed to everybody looking for a medical facility focused on prevention and support of treatment of cardiovascular lifestyle diseases.



Thanks to the water healing effects, the thermal healing mineral water is used for treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, neurological, urological, digestive, and as a support treatment of oncological diseases.

Natural healing water with moderate content of minerals - sulphates, bicarbonates, calcium, and an increased content of magnesium and fluoride, slightly acidic, thermal, hypotonic, with overall content of minerals over 1,524 mg.l-1 and with temperature up to 47 ˚C.

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Dear policy holders of health insurance companies,

Thank you for your interest to take a spa stay in Turčianske Teplice. We would like to inform you that at present our spa has contracts on spa medical treatment (A, B) with all Slovak health insurance companies in force.

Do not forget that you can choose any spa you and your health insurance company will accept it. If you do not choose the spa yourself, the health insurance company will choose a spa according to offered vacations and according to the distance from your domicile.

The high quality of services is guaranteed by several certificates recognised worldwide. For better convenience we prepared the Ten Commandments of Spa Treatment that bring information and practical advice to help you have your spa proposal handled.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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 100 EUR / night


Enjoy the unique SPA&AQUAPARK with thermal healing mineral water - the only spa aquapark with healing mineral water in Slovakia. Whole-year-round operation, attractions for your entertainment and the healing effects of a unique natural resource - mineral thermal healing water.


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