Spa premises

The spa premises of the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice is situated in the town centre of Turčianske Teplice. The building of the Royal Bath or the Gold bath is the architectonic landmark of the whole premises. It is a cultural monument interconnected with the Royal Palace***** hotel. Adjacent Spa & Aquapark is also interconnected with the hotel. Clients can use 6 interior pools, of which three are “piscinas”, i.e. pools with own natural healing mineral water springs. Other two pools are situated in exterior.

A majestic central spa park is a cultural monument, to which you can get directly from the Royal Palace. The park has an area of 12 ha and it is 2.5 km long. During walks you can see interesting woody plants, statues and untraditional spa benches.

Spa house Veľká Fatra Superior**** and Veľká Fatra Štandard*** with spa and rehabilitation premises, where massages and procedures are provided, are situated in the central part. Aqua ** spa house is another spa facility near Spa & Aquapark.

Potable springs are a traditional part of the spa premises. Živena spring is situated in colonnade premises in vestibule of the Royal Palace. Another traditional spring Kollár is situated opposite the main entrance of Royal palace. Natural spring healing water with a high content of minerals is an effective way of treatment of metabolic diseases, urological and renal diseases.