GOLDEN SPA helps with heart diseases

Cardiovascular diseases appears on the highest position of the chart depicting the cause of death not only in Slovakia but also in neighboring countries. Golden SPA with the new specialized institute INCARE therefore has expanded its field of interest on cardio diagnostics and cardio rehabilitation. We believe that this innovative and unique approach in European Spas will be as much beneficial as possible for our clients.

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Institute of cardiovascular rehabilitation (INCARE) - Spa Turčianske TepliceInstitute of cardiovascular rehabilitation (INCARE) - Spa Turčianske Teplice

Institute of cardiovascular rehabilitation (INCARE)

INCARE represents a combination of the highest quality technological equipment, a qualified team of healthcare professionals, physiotherapy, prevention, and rehabilitation.

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This Week in the Spa - Spa Turčianske TepliceThis Week in the Spa - Spa Turčianske Teplice

This Week in the Spa

It is really vivid in the Turčianske Spa. In addition to the high-quality curative program, we are able to care for your leisure time as well. After clicking on more information, you can find a regularly updated survey ...

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