History of the spa

The King Sigismund of Luxembourg used to bath in the mineral water from Turčianske Teplice with a gold crown on his head centuries ago. As a legend says, water from Turčianske Teplice in connection with gold cured his gout and helped him to live long.

The Venus of Muráň owes her beauty to the springs, too.

The royal town of Kremnica owned the thermal springs from 1535 to 1949. The importance of the spa kept increasing - it was popular with nobility from Hungary, Poland, Austria and Transylvania.

the King and the Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg and Francis II Vešeléni (Wesselényi) was among the most important spa clients. Beautiful Countess Mária Sečianska (Maria Szechy) was the prove that the water had a wholesome influence on a female body. Thanks to her immense beauty that no man could resist, she was also called the Venus of Muráň.

The spa construction development in the 19th and the 20th centuries

Modern development of the spa