• All diseases in the acute stage
  • Pregnancy
  • Conditions of deep thrombosis within 3 months of illness ending, post-acute thrombophlebitis six weeks after the disease
  • Labile and decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • Cachexia
  • Active attacks or the phase of psychosis and mental disorders with antisocial symptoms and reduced possibility of communication
  • Dementia
  • Non-healing skin defects of any origin
  • Destabilized arterial hypertension, severe pulmonary hypertension, severe congenital and acquired uncorrected heart defects, serious heart rhythm disturbances, unstable forms of ischemic heart disease, cardiac decompensation, states with a high risk of embolism
  • Post-stroke states with severe motor and sensory deficits requiring constant assistance of another person for the daily living activities
  • Multiple sclerosis with ataxia, advanced paralytic conditions, recurrent strokes within one year
  • Paroxysmal muscle paralysis
  • Syringomyelia with respiratory and eaters disorder
  • Inflammatory joint and spine diseases with high activity not stabilized with appropriate treatment, tuberculous arthritis
  • Non-stabilized osteonecrosis of heads or acetabulum of hip and other joints
  • Radicular compression syndrome
  • Infectious diseases transmissible to humans and disease carrying
  • Bleeding
  • Malignant tumours, excepting full remission
  • Epilepsy, except for the cases with no attack for last 3 years
  • Drug addiction