7 recommendations how to behave after a spa treatment

7 recommendations how to behave after a spa treatment

As regards indicated chronic diseases, a treatment stay in our spa brings a very positive effect and often a complete cure if length and intensity of treatment was set optimally. The question is how to behave after a spa treatment to make the spa effect last as long as possible.

An optimal length of a treatment stay is individual, depending on scope and activity of a disease, and especially on patient’s current health condition. In order to be effective, the treatment stays should last two to three weeks, however we also have self-paying patients who only stay for one week. Short stays only have partial effect in case of serious diseases. Slovak health insurance companies cover 21 or 28 day stays for indicated patients.

A spa treatment is a great way of prevention and elimination of some chronic diseases, however a long-term effect requires observation of principles of correct lifestyle at home, too.

A physician, whether the one in the spa who releases a patient, or the attending physician in patient’s domicile, plays an important role, too. Besides the treatment itself, the purpose of the spa treatment is to instruct patients about the necessary change of their lifestyles.

It is important to observe several basic rules back at home:

1. Water intake

Water intake of all age groups is important, i.e. the daily intake of fluids, preferably clean potable water, should be 2-3 litres. If you choose mineral water, you should prefer unflavoured water without added CO2 and be very careful as some of them are literally not suitable. Therefore, the daily intake of mineral water should not exceed 0.5 litre. Flavoured and sweetened waters should be eliminated to the maximum possible extent.

2. Drugs

At home, every patient should continue taking drugs according to his or her physician’s recommendations. It is a mistake to stop taking drugs after the spa treatment without consulting the doctor.

3. Diet

Some diseases require an appropriate, well-balanced and regular diet respecting all principles and requirements for elimination of certain ingredients and meals. However, in general, the principle is that we should eat in regular intervals, cut down on animal proteins, prefer unlimited amount of raw vegetable and fruit, eliminate fat and flour meals, reduce sugar intake and first of all to respect the diet measures for certain diseases.

4. Exercise

Enough suitable exercise is one of the most important preconditions of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise plays an important role in prevention of lifestyle diseases that include majority of chronic diseases and most common diseases. Exercise must be appropriate, it should not be inadequately difficult, and it should always be adjusted to the current health condition, not to age, as age is not a limiting factor. Health condition is the limiting factor. Therefore, walks in fresh air or Nordic Walking, that is so popular today, should become a part of daily life especially of seniors; doing appropriate and healthy sport should become a part of daily routine of young people. Insufficient exercise kills civilisation, and together with poor diet it brings stress, obesity, poor heart condition, vascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal diseases and many others.

5. Weight

Overweight reduction.

6. No addiction

Strict elimination of all addictive substances, such tobacco, alcohol and drugs, as well as elimination of any addictive activities that threaten a healthy life.

7. Stress

Stress reduction, fresh air, walks, enough sleep and rest, wise planning of daily activities, reasonable and meaningful leisure activities, pleasant environment.

Spa treatment guides us on our journey to a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

Author: MUDr. Marián Markech, MPH – Director of the Medical Treatment Division of Slovenské liečebné kúpele Turčianske Teplice, a.s.