Spa therapeutic effect: healing water that really heals

Spa therapeutic effect: healing water that really heals

Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice is a treatment - rehabilitation facility. It offers complex spa treatment to persons insured in health insurance companies and to self-paying patients from Slovakia, adjacent countries and remote countries, too. Over the decades of its operation, this modern treatment complex has achieved very good results in treatment and won thousands of satisfied patients.

Spa treatment success rate is more than 90%

Results of treatment in the Gold Spa Turčianske Teplice facility achieved during the last decades show that the spa treatment is well-founded. Statistics prove that the treatment success rate is more than 90%, especially as for patients suffering from chronic diseases, in particular musculoskeletal diseases.

We can definitely confirm that quality of life of our patients improved to a significant level after they passed a spa treatment. It’s proved by subjective reviews by patients and by objective measurements, too.

Health condition of 6 to 8% patients approximately did not change after a three-week treatment stay and health condition of 1% deteriorated, what was caused by the character of disease or by concomitant illnesses, which can exacerbate during a complex spa treatment.

What intensifies the effects of healing water?

We use especially the thermal healing mineral water for complex spa treatment. Other treatment methods from the field of physiatry, balneology and medical rehabilitation intensify the effect of natural healing water.

The physical treatment includes especially:

  • massages
  • electrotherapy
  • light therapy
  • magnetotherapy...

Medical rehabilitation in a form of individual exercise, group exercise and water exercise is very important, too. A complex approach is a must and therefore we also offer special diet, psychotherapy and medicament treatment.